Holy Name Catholic School will hold it’s exciting “Sprite Night” this coming Monday.

The community is invited to the HNCS event at the eighth grade basketball game in Escanaba. Two lucky fans, picked at random, will attempt to make a half-court shot during half-time. They will automatically receive a t-shirt and a free case of Sprite. If the shooter makes the half-court shot, during the game between the Holy Name Crusaders and the Bark River-Harris Broncos, they will win Sprite for a year. The prize can be redeemed at Bink’s Coca-Cola in Escanaba or a delivery can be arranged to Holy Name School.

Tony Derkos, Holy Name Athletic Director, said “Sprite Night is a great way to bring extra energy to our already awesome basketball game environment. It is very special that Bink’s Coca-Cola helps Holy Name with fun events like this one.” As part of the event, two free cases of Sprite will be given to the basketball players, cheerleaders, referees, scoring table staff, radio staff and fans to enjoy.

For more information on registering your child at Holy Name Catholic School or Holy Name High School – A Chesterton Academy, visit: Holy Name Catholic School – It’s more than a school… It’s a way of life! (holynamecrusaders.com)