Portage Pointe Long Term Care Hosts a CNA Recruiting Event Tonight

PortagePointe Long-term Care will host a recruiting and onsite hiring event tomorrow evening. The local senior care facility connected with UPHS Portage Hospital plans to hire 17 Certified Nursing Assistants for its group of staff. The positions typically assist elders with various life needs, such as getting dressed and at mealtime. As well as help keep the facility clean and feeling like home. UPHS Portage Pointe administrator Emily Pekarske says that their positions working with older Americans give nurses a sense of fulfillment while also practicing skills in health.

Specifically for PortagePointe, we have very good staffing ratios. So on our day shift and our evening shift, we have one CNA to about five or six elders. And that’s a very, very good ratio when you look at the national average. And so that’s special and unique to PortagePointe. The other piece that we can offer is we follow what’s called the Eden alternative care model. And so that’s kind of a special model of care that looks at the overall wellbeing of the elder, helping them to be as functional as they can be at this stage of their life, and creating a home-like environment for them here at the facility. So it’s very home-like. We have plants and animals and do our cooking and baking here at the facility. So that piece makes it makes us a little unique compared to other facilities as well.” – Emily Pekarske, Facility Administrator, PortagePointe

UPHS Portage Pointe offers competitive salaries and benefits in line with the region’s job market. Those interested in becoming CNAs with Portage Pointe can attend the recruiting and hiring event tomorrow at the facility from 3 to 6 pm. Hiring staff do ask those planning to attend to please bring a copy of your resume with you, or a list showing your professional experience. The open hiring event will take place at the Portage Pointe facility at 520 Campus Drive in Hancock.