Scholarships for Local Students Available to Join the MTU Summer Youth Programs

High school students might have a few more weeks of school. But some are sure to be thinking about summer already. Finding activities for older kids can be difficult outside of starting a new summer job or hanging out with the grandparents. Each year Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs invites students to have some fun while learning about niche topics. Some of the camps even explore industries like aviation, which has become appealing to kids interested in becoming a pilot. To help more students from the Upper Peninsula access the Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs, SYP has partnered with the Department of Social Sciences and John and Patricia Case to provide financial assistance to students grades 9 to 11 with up to 500 dollars to assist with paying for a camp program. The SYP youth scholarship will award 10 students opportunities to explore their talents and interests with Michigan Tech. Those interested in learning more about the scholarship opportunity can find more details below.

SYP Scholarship application

Summer Youth Program details