For those with a passion to serve, training to become a Michigan State Police Trooper has never been more accessible.

Men and women who want apply for a position and academy training can now do so remotely.

MSP recruits are now able to choose what region they will serve –  once they complete their academy training.

The improved access to Michigan State Police training comes at a critical time for law enforcement agencies across the country.

According to a nationwide report issued in 2020, 78% of police agencies said they had difficulty in recruiting qualified candidates and 75% said recruiting is more difficult today than it was five years ago.

MSP officials acknowledged that law enforcement has faced some challenges in recent years.

But they say that Upper Peninsula residents know that police are here to serve the community.

In order work as a state police trooper, you must be over the age of 18, have a clean criminal record, and a  valid Michigan drivers license.

For more information go to MSP – Careers ( or call or visit your nearest Michigan State Police Post.