One month in, things going well for new restaurant

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s historical Delft Theater recently opened its doors as a downtown restaurant. The Delft Bistro is one of 21 businesses participating in Marquette’s Restaurant Week.

The 6th Annual Marquette Restaurant Week runs through Sunday. This event looks to celebrate the East Side Dining district, giving community members the opportunity to experience a wide variety of foods.

The Delft Bistro has been participating this week by offering a $25 per person dinner special that includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. General Manager Alayna Prahl says that the feature of the historic building has shifted from movies to food.

“We definitely pay homage to the historical theater aspect of it,” Prahl said. “That’s super important to us, but give it a different twist, a different vibe.” That is what people are so excited about, that we’ve lit up the marquee, that we have given this place a new life.

The Delft Bistro features its own spin on American food and comfort food.