St. Patrick’s Day Party takes over Downtown Marquette

MARQUETTE — Since 2:00 p.m. Friday, Downtown Marquette has been the place to be to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

The co-owners of DIGS Gastropub, Bill and Pat Digneit, are throwing a massive party to celebrate the day and the opening of their restaurant.

DIGS BASH is a party for those 21 and older. In addition to the usual alcoholic beverages, DIGS has a sneak peek of their new menu, ranging from roasted meats, macaroni and cheese to hot dogs and more.

And if you’re really brave, there’s a mechanical bull available for people looking to press their luck. The staff at DIGS wants people to just come downtown and simply have a good time.

“Everybody is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s not a bad thing,” said Pat Digneit. “This is more than we could have imagined and the community response has been amazing. We’re just so excited.”

“The Doghouse used to be a big place where everyone would go, so coming out and seeing the new restaurant is pretty cool,” said Anna Liewen.

“It’s supposed to be a pretty big crowd so we decided to come down a little early and we were actually the first two in here so that’s pretty cool,” said Angela Brown.

There is no price for admission to the party on Washington Street, which lasts Friday until 10:00 p.m.