MARQUETTE — In the latest installment of Sam versus Sports, ABC 10’s Sam Ali decided to take on biking moto–cross, better known as BMX.

The annual “Race for Life” event took place Tuesday at the Marquette BMX park. The event was created in memory of a very special person in the local community.

“Race for Life came through from a BMX rider named Todd Kingsbury, who contracted leukemia. And every year, they do the Race for Life and all the proceeds go to that fund,” Marquette BMX Vice President Doug Pennala said.

Kingsbury passed away in 1981, but the America Bicycle Association decided to create the event to benefit the proper research for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. People from all ages participated in the event.

“We’ve got everyone from strider bikes to semi–pros, ages 5 to 47 so there’s a lot of experience at the track,” said Pennala.

Sam was the most inexperienced rider, but he was not deterred by this challenge. That was until the race actually started. Despite the kids watching him look defeated as he barely made it around the course, they still love the sport that is increasing in popularity every year.

“We’ve had a very steady BMX population since the mid–80’s. The kids seem to enjoy it and as you can see, we still draw them in,” said Pennala.