Kids learn how to repair their bikes

Marquette– Kids learned a couple of valuable lessons today when it comes to repairing their favorite two–wheel ride.

The Revolutions Bike Shop held a bicycle repair workshop at the Peter White Public Library. Kids learned basic bike maintenance techniques, like how to use a chain tool and how to adjust brakes. Revolutions held the program so that kids can fix their own bikes.

Mark Hall, the program director, said, “A lot of kids want to be active and want to get out and ride their bikes and sometimes little simple things like flat tires can really stop them from doing that.”

Hall added, “So, if you can teach them the little trick on how to fix a flat tire, it really only takes a couple minutes to do and they’re usually back on the road.”

Hall added that every bike owner should know how to fix a flat tire, how to clean a chain, how to use a chain breaker and how to adjust the brakes. Revolutions holds many bicycle classes and events for all ages. So everyone can learn everything about bikes.