The Annual Fudge Festival was hosted August 25th through the 27th, 2023 on Mackinac Island. 

There were many activities happening throughout the festival. For the first time ever, there was a fudge naming competition held, the winner was chosen from over 2,000 entries. The “Crack in Island Crunch” Fudge took home first place for the name, and all Fudge Shops on the Island created their own variation of the flavor; making it truly unique and fun!

The Island had special Fudge themed Sales and Discounts throughout the many shops, stores and restaurants. There was also a fun Fudge Quest with prizes of fudge theme, and you could even become a Guest Fudge Maker!

I was able to speak to the Event and Content Manager for the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, Watch the full interview here: