Negaunee celebrates Heikki Lunta

NEGAUNEE — The city of Negaunee has been hit with a considerable amount of snow recently, which set the perfect setting for a classic winter festival.

The 50th-annual Heikki Lunta kicked off over the weekend, with opportunities to enjoy winter for everyone.

According to one of the festival organizers, it’s all about making the most of the season.

“We’re trying to get everybody outside,” said Robb Cookman, President of the UP Luge Club. “Paying a little homage to the snow gods, and obviously it’s working real well this year. It can be a real long winter up here, so one way to alleviate that is to say ‘hey, let’s go enjoy the outdoors and see what activities we can find.'”

The three-day festival started on Friday with a parade on Friday evening.

Other events included an outdoor luge run, giant ladder golf, a vintage snowmobile show, an art show, plus much more.