Pine Ridge Apartment occupants moving back into complex

MARQUETTE — The Pine Ridge Apartment occupants were granted access to their homes yesterday afternoon and they should be all moved back in soon.

The Apartment complex is allowing any occupants who had apartments on the 1st to the 8th floors to move back in. The 9th floor had taken on significant water damage and it will continue to undergo repairs.

Those repairs are estimated to take four to six months before they will be reopened.

“Once that is done the tenants who were in their will move back in,” explained Sharon Maki, Executive Director for the Marquette Housing Commission. “For now they are living in other apartments here at Pine Ridge. So they are back in Pine Ridge.”

The tenants have been very happy to come back to their homes. The Marquette Housing Commission is also very appreciative for the patience and the help from everyone during this incident.