Marquette Coast Guard to host first open house to public

MARQUETTE — The U.S. Coast Guard stationed in Marquette will be hosting their first ever open house that is open to the public. They will also be having over 20 different organizations and agencies attending the event.

These groups will include members from law enforcement all the way to the National Weather Service who will be in attendance. The gates to the station will be opened up to the public for anyone to come in and get to know the crew at the station.

“Our goal is to reach out to the community and to show them that we are here,” explained Operations Petty Officer Terry Bailey, USCG Marquette. “That is the biggest reason why we are opening the gates this Saturday. It is a free event so both side gates will be open. So just come in freely as you want and ask us. Thor and Loki, the new station puppies that we just adopted, will be walking around the place as well. So yea we just want the community to be able to engage with us comfortably. We also want them to know that our relationship with local agencies and organizations around the area too is extremely strong.”

A few of the agencies coming to the event include:  The Marquette Police Department, Michigan State Police (including the Emergency Support Team and K-9 unit), NMU Public Safety, Park rangers (with their boat), Coast Guard Auxiliary, Veterans from NMU, members of the Marquette’s National Weather Service, and a few other additional participants.

The event will begin at 11 am and go until 2 pm on September 21st. For more information about the event you can click here.