MARQUETTE — There are some opportunities within the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula for students looking for a career path.



The Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula will be giving four $1,000 scholarships this year to four U.P. high school seniors.

The Professional Women in Building Council will also have $2,500 in scholarships for any high school or college female’s that resides in the U.P.¬†This allows us to help push these students into the field of construction and get them started on their careers.

“We invite them to our general membership meeting to get their scholarship money and some of these builders actually follow up with some of the students and stuff. So letting them know when they are applying for a job in the summer or after they graduate college we can let the builders know, “hey this person was one of our scholarship winners”, I think it kind of gets them a little bump in the door,” said, Executive Officer, Sarah Schultz

The deadline for the scholarships is May 1st and the forms are all available online.

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