GWINN — With spring break approaching, kids who receive free or discounted lunches at school will need a little help on their week off.



The Ending Hunger Alliance of Marquette met at K.I. Sawyer Elementary today to sort Spring Break Packs for those children. Each child will receive ten meals and 20 snacks to eat while on Spring Break. Even after five years, the joy of volunteering for Ending Hunger sticks.

“It’s great to see the families and their gratitude; a lot of the families volunteer, and to knew that we’re helping kids who are essentially helpless and helping themselves,” said Ending Hunger Founder Theresa Sell.

With the meals, each child should be comfortable enough to come back to school strong and alert.

Beginning next week, Ending Hunger is starting a weekly food program for K.I. Sawyer families, so donations of food and money are ongoing at this time.

This week’s haul will feed over 175 children over spring break.