Painesdale Mine and Shaft Discovers a Miner’s Century-old Handwriting During Expansion Project

The Painesdale Mine and Shaft discovers a miner’s century-old handwriting while expanding the Champions #4 shaft house for tours. The Painesdale Mine and Shaft, with funding from the Keweenaw Community Foundation, was able to expand the shaft’s upper-level paths for tours. While working the team found a miner’s handwriting perfectly preserved, providing key insight into mining operations and the people that worked below. The historic artifact found in the expansion will add to visitor experiences says Painesdale Mine and Shaft president Michael Prast. Adding that while other floor decking and steel work takes place the handwriting will be protected by an installed barrier. The plans will also modify a window to limit UV exposure in the room. Originally owned by the Copper Range Company the mine is located along the railroad. Later this month the Painesdale Mine and Shaft will host a volunteer day for those interested in helping with outside landscaping. Tours for the mine will start in June this summer.

Painesdale Mine and Shaft