Hancock Asks for Volunteers to Help Pitch in for Parks

It’s time for a little spring cleaning. Hancock asks for volunteers to pitch in for the parks and help clean up now that residents will become more active. Downtown Development Coordinator Todd Gast says that the help from residents helps to maintain the safety of playground equipment and rake-up leaves.

“you know, some raking, making sure our swing sets and our play equipment are all up to snuff because what we want is a safe place for our kids to come and play. And that’s for our entire season. And this is a great opportunity to have the community come on out and help us do that.” – Todd Gast, DDA Coordinator, City of Hancock

Local high school students from Hancock public schools will even join the city tomorrow. After the community completes work around town Hancock invites volunteers to join the fire department for a cookout. Anyone interested in helping Hancock clean up the parks for a summer of fun should contact the city. Gast says that volunteers should bring gloves, and rakes, and wear clothes that can get dirty. Volunteers should call or email the Hancock DDA to set up a park location to help. 

Todd Gast
Community Development