MARQUETTE — The name is 231 West and their game is pastry chefs. A new bakery is coming to Downtown Marquette and it is cooking up some sweet surprises.

Matt Beardsley and his wife are now the owners of a new location downtown that will serve delicate and delicious pastries and other baked goods.

In addition, they will also be partnering with Velodrome Coffee to serve local roasted coffee to go with their menu.

“We would be different from a lot of what’s going on in town now because a lot of the things we will make aren’t being made whether it’s French Macaroons or fancy desserts. I think that if you want a muffin you go to a muffin shop, you want a donut you go to a donut shop and if you want a really good pastry you’d come to us,” said Beardsley.

It is in hopes that the bakery will be open by the late summer of 2018. There may also be some gluten free and vegan options available as well.