MARQUETTE — In lieu of the sexual assault scandals in both Congress and in schools, NMU is finding ways to help students by educating them on sexual assault.

There are numerous programs, training standards, and procedures in place at NMU’s campus in order to protect students. The university has less than ten sex assault cases reported for this year.

Student population size will count for the statistics but NMU is working substantially either way to make sure students are informed and protected.

“We don’t gear towards one gender, our students, what we see is that they work together. They look at sexual assault, the topic, as something we all need to come together to fight. We keep the conversation going. It’s not something the student will experience when they first come and we talk about it and educate them but it is something, a conversation that is ongoing,” said Residence Life Coordinator Catherine Hardenbergh.

Some programs the university offers is ‘Hear Us Roar’ with the focus on empowerment for women and also work with slam poets from across the nation to discuss the topic to create an entertaining and open conversation.