MARQUETTE — The City of Marquette’s newest mayor, Tom Baldini, is excited to begin working with the community to move Marquette forward.

Baldini was selected to take over for Dave Campana on Monday at the City Commissioner’s meeting. He has been on the Board of Commissioners since 2014 and was re-elected in last Tuesday’s election as a commissioner.

Before that, he was a member of the City Charter Commission

“I’m very honored, and really humbled about it I have this long allegiance to the city and really feel good about the community,” he said.

Baldini and the Marquette City Commission plan to keep the community moving forward. They are already looking into issues that have been brought to them, like the housing shortage, and what to do with the old hospital property.

“There’s a lot of exciting things, some people are talking to us about different projects, so how do we maintain that quality of life that we like about this community but at the same time keep moving forward, which we’ve done,” said Baldini.

For the future, Baldini is planning to tackle challenges such as creating jobs, and providing recreational needs for the community. He said he’s looking forward to a good year.