ESCANABA — The Michigan Supreme Court gave notice to the City of Escanaba regarding the court’s decision in the appeal case against Menards. The City’s case will now be remanded back to the Michigan State Tax Tribunal for another hearing.

Menards appealed their 2014 tax valuation to the Michigan Tax Tribunal and received a reduction on the taxable value of their property and their tax liability. Escanaba then appealed that decision to the Michigan Court of Appeals, where the case was remanded back to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, citing errors in both parties’ methods of valuation.
Menards then appealed that ruling, bringing the case to the Michigan Supreme Court. The company claimed the Court of Appeals exceeded its limited appellate review of a Tax Tribunal decision.
Of the seven-member Supreme Court, only a minority agreed to hear the appeal. When this happens, due process allows a “mini-oral argument.” The argument was heard on October 12th in Lansing.
The Michigan Supreme Court rejected Menards’ request for leave to appeal. The case has now been remanded back to the Tax Tribunal by the Court of Appeals.