EAGLE RIVER — The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is still up for sale, and the County Board of Commissioners has voted to move forward with a new potential buyer. Earlier this week, it was announced that Anthony Lane Partners of Dallas, Texas had withdrawn its intent to buy the resort after learning of a historical preservation easement.

The board of commissioners met last night in Keweenaw County and one of the main items on the agenda was to decide who to sell the lodge to. The board received a new letter of intent to buy the 178-acre resort this week from Clayton Adams, a local resident who addressed the board at last night’s meeting and also laid out his business plan.

“We wanted to buy the lodge and run it in a way that it has been run previously and historically so that people could come and use the lodge and enjoy the good food and the restaurant and the golf course and to stay in the cabins,” said Adams.

However, the board voted to proceed with another perspective buyer, Adoba industries. Currently, Adoba owns and operates Eco hotels across the country including one here in the U.P., located Naubinway.

“The lodge really needs to be in the hands of the private sector. So what took place tonight was we’ve found a potential buyer. The potential buyer is Adoba Industries. I think this is a good thing. The beauty of all this is once it’s sold, the debt will go away and the new owner will make a success of it because they won’t have that debt hanging over their head,” said Keweenaw County Board Member Sandra Gayk.

The county has an outstanding debt of $300,000 to the federal government, who has agreed to forgive that debt once the lodge is sold. Gayk also stated that Adoba Industries will take no more than 45 days to complete it’s due diligence before officially announcing that it will indeed purchase the resort.

If purchased by Adoba, company President Jim Henderson stated that he plans to add an additional nine hole golf course and a complete renovation of the hotel, while the cabins would receive little updating.