MARQUETTE — Keep calm and play with clay is the best way to spend any day, but soon Marquette will lose its favorite kiln, Hotplates, and its owner Sue.

Sue Kensington’s happy place growing up was Marquette and for the last fifteen years it has been the home for her business Hotplates.

All good things must come to an end so new adventures can begin, so Sue is trying to find someone who can make this passion their own.

“It’s time, I’ve owned it for fifteen years and it’s just time for somebody else to have as much fun as I have. And I have new adventures that I want to go on and one of them is going back to school…whatever I feel like I’m not quite sure you know? It could be art it could be, I’m not an artist, I support the arts but I would like to try my hand at painting,” said Kensington, owner of the studio.

The business has been open on Washington Street’s downtown for seven days a week all–year round, making the perfect spot for a new owner.