Board to create policy prohibiting excessive force in non-violent protests

MARQUETTE — The use of excessive force by police is a controversial one, from the outcry of assaults and riots that took place in Ferguson, Missouri to the brutal assaults against citizens in New York City.  So far, the U.P. has stayed away from any major controversy.

At the Marquette County Board meeting Tuesday night, a resolution was adopted to create a policy prohibiting the use of excessive force against non-violent civil rights demonstrations.

Although the resolution is a federal mandate, it is one commissioners say they wholeheartedly agree with.

“It’s a requirement put out by the MADC that we have to have this resolution passed by the county board to be able to make applications for grant funding. It’s a formality in this case but it is certainly the right thing to do. They want to make sure that in each county has that policy in place,” Chair Marquette County Board of Commissioners chairman Gerry Corkin.

The policy is still in the beginning stages, and commissioners will work with law enforcement in adopting the new mandate.