MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — If you’re the type to buy a car brand new, you may notice a new feature in your next purchase.

Several 2015 models from GM, Ford, and others will come equipped with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to seven devices can connect to the hotspot in GM vehicles, and it works just like a wireless router in your home, requiring a password to connect.

The Wi-Fi network in GM vehicles goes through On Star and drivers receive three gigabytes of data free for three months before selecting a data plan.

“There is a subscription plan available, whether you have the full package of On Star or just the basic package, there is a price difference,” Frei Chevrolet delivery coordinator¬†Matt Deakins said. “You can also connect through your AT&T account, as well with your cell phone account. You do have some various options there on subscriptions.”

The hotspot offers continuous access to the 3G network, upping to 4G where it becomes available.

“This is going to be handy for any kind of Wi-Fi device such as your cell phone or a tablet, like an iPad,” Deakins said. “If you have people that need to connect with the Internet inside your vehicle, especially other passengers while traveling, that gives you that flexibility to be able to connect to the Internet with any device that does have Wi-Fi connection.”

If you decide to get a Wi-Fi enabled vehicle the next time you trade up, remember that the same laws regarding texting while driving also apply to surfing while driving.