Wolf Hunt Referendum on 2014 Michigan Ballot

The Board of State Canvassers has certified petition signatures gathered by Keep Michigan Wolves Protected (KMWP) to place a wolf hunting referendum on the November 2014 ballot.

“Following the submission of more than 255,000 signatures , the Board of State Canvassers upheld its responsibility to the people of Michigan by certifying our petition drive to place the wolf hunting referendum on the November 2014 ballot,” said Jill Fritz, director of KMWP. “How will Gov. Snyder, the legislature and NRC explain to Michigan’s 7.2 million registered voters that wolves are being needlessly slaughtered and their votes won’t count? We will continue our tireless struggle to stop wolf hunting and trapping in Michigan and fight for the return of the democratic process for voters.”

The group submitted more than 255,000 petition signatures on March 27 to suspend Public Act 520 – a law that was passed during December’s lame duck legislative session and signed by the Governor to classify wolves as a game species – until a referendum vote in November 2014.

Senate Bill 288 was signed by Governor Rick Snyder on May 8, prior to Board of State Canvassers certification of signatures.

On May 9, the Natural Resources Commission voted 6-1 to establish a wolf hunting and trapping season in three areas of the Upper Peninsula between November 15 and December 31.

KMWP says it is committed to protecting Michigan’s wolves and will continue to support the ballot referendum and is considering other options, including another referendum campaign to place S.B. 288 on the ballot in November 2014.