Uppertunities business conference

Businesses from across the U.P. got together to learn how to improve their customer service.

The Uppertunities Conference took place at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris.

At one time, the conference was aimed at tourism-related businesses, but it now includes professional development for many different types of companies.

“It’s good for the businesspeople to learn a lot more about how they can run their businesses better,” U.P. Travel & Recreation Association executive director Tom Nemacheck said. “It’s good for the association people to understand how they can market the communities better. I think everybody comes together, they learn a little about each community that they didn’t know.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan presented some information about the Affordable Care Act.

Many of the effects that the new federal law will have on businesses are still unclear.

“It seemed to me, after coming out of that particular session, that what it is is a flattening out, of course, of risk, so consequently, everybody’s risk is going to be shared a little bit more,” Nemacheck said.

The conference also included help with business marketing and the power of a positive attitude for employees, among other topics.

Michigan Works!, the Delta County Commerce Center and the Delta County Economic Development Alliance are some of the event’s many sponsors.