Schools Look Forward to ‘Race to the Top’ Return

The federal government is getting such a positive nationwide response to its ‘Race to the Top’ schools program that it’ll be back for another round.

It’ll dedicate more than $1 billion to the education initiative to expand it.

President Obama will announce tomorrow that he’s requesting $1.35 billion for ‘Race to the Top’ in the fiscal 2011 budget.

Michigan has already turned in its application for this year.

More than 700 school districts statewide have endorsed it.

That includes the Marquette Area Public Schools, which are always welcome to the idea of additional federal dollars.

Superintendent Jon Hartwig says the funding from the program, should MAPS get some of it, would allow the school system to have programs and jobs that it couldn’t otherwise afford.

Michigan still has to wait until April to find out whether or not it’ll receive funding for its schools from the program.

The state could get as much as $400 million, which it would then distribute to individual districts.

A second round of applications is due in June, with payoffs in September.