Operation Aoy Helps Kids in Thailand

A Marquette woman is known around town for owning one of the city’s more popular restaurants.

But her generosity helps hundreds of kids in her home country every year.

And this year’s she’s getting some more company.

Aoy LaChappelle serves fine food from her native Thailand at the Rice Paddy.

She goes for home 2 weeks a year to buy things like food and clothing for kids in her home village.

Aoy does that with tip money, as well as proceeds from T-shirt sales and the Empty Bowls Project fundraiser that she does every year with North Star Academy.

She says in her experience, people around the U.P. have been extremely generous, giving whatever they can for each of the 16 years she’s made the trip.

But this year is different.

A friend of hers has started a fundraising campaign to help her donate even more.

Kyle Miron of CK Unlimited Photography in Marquette is the brainchild of Operation Aoy.

He wants to help Aoy in her effort.

And this time, he’s also actually going with Aoy to Thailand on February 28th to make sure the 2-week journey to her home and back is documented.

Miron says once he and a colleague of his from work are back in the U.P., they’ll use the photos they take to assemble a book that’ll go on sale locally.

The proceeds from the book will go right back into Operation Aoy.

If you want to help, you can either visit the Rice Paddy on Presque Isle Avenue or go online to: www.operationaoy.com .