Marquette City Commission member resigns from position after 6 months

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Council met this evening and it was all brought to the public over television due to the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

During the meeting many topics were talked about including details on the future of the cities involvement through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although a turn of events left us with breaking news tonight about the resignation of Marquette City Commissioner, Andrew Lorinser. Andrew Lorinser is leaving the council, only 6-months into the position. This is due to a variety of reasons in regards to health, family, among more topics.

Andrew Lorinser left the public with a speech explaining his choice and his hopes for the City of Marquette.

“Please… Don’t let my resignation further divide the community,” explained Andrew Lorinser, Marquette City Commissioner. “I truly believe that this is for the best. Let’s use this as a teaching moment for sides to start a new, more positive, dialogue instead of attacks. I appreciate privacy at this time and I apologize for any confusion or chaos that my resignation may bring to the function to the city. I know Marquette will eventually survive these external and internal qualms and we will all be better. This is because the conversation took place.”

The Marquette City Commissioners, including Andrew Lorinser, voted in favor of accepting his resignation.

Click here for Andrew Lorinser’s whole speech.