City of Marquette working with community during COVID-19 Pandemic

MARQUETTE — The Governor’s orders to close all restaurants and bars to the public with some exceptions have stirred up concerns within the local communities economy.

This concern comes due to the fact the U.P. is made up of many small businesses. Marquette being a larger city in the region is also a hub for small businesses that will see negative effects on the local economy and their shops. The City will continue to provide city services and work with the community to get through these difficult times.

“As a community we should be able to rally and work our way through this situation,” explained Mike Angeli, Marquette City Manager. “I think that the information that I received both from the CDC and the Governor’s Office is daily. It is a good plan on how to address this and what we are going through. I can see us actually coming out at the end in pretty good shape.”

All city services will continue to provide the quality services they have always brought to the city during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Events in the public will be shutdown due to the virus and large community centers such as the Lakeview Arena will be closed until further notice.

Some operations may also change to decrease any personal contact between community members, city officials and workers.