Marquette Music Pantry giving out instruments to spread gift of music

MARQUETTE — Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument, but couldn’t afford to get one? One group in Marquette has a solution.

The Marquette Music Pantry is looking for unwanted instruments to give to those who are looking to broaden their musical horizons.

Like their founder says, music is a beautiful thing that should be shared by everyone.

“The end goal is to put instruments in as many hands as possible,” said Noah Bauer, founder of the Marquette Music Pantry. “Music is a beautiful thing, it brings people closer together, and so I wanna spread that around as much as I can.”

So far, about 8 instruments have already been donated, with more on the way.

If you would like an instrument, or if you have one you would like to donate, the Marquette Music Pantry is holding an event tomorrow night at 7 at Superior Culture in Marquette.

The instruments are limited, so it is a first–come, first–serve basis.

To find more information on the Marquette Music Pantry, or to donate or pick up an instrument, be sure to visit their Facebook page.