Michigan drug trafficker convicted by jury trial

Another Michigan drug trafficker will be out of business for quite a while.

After a three-day trial a jury found Joseph Michael McNoriell of Detroit guilty of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

The 43-year-old convicted drug dealer is also known by the name “Mike X.”

McNoriell worked with other individuals to deliver two kilograms of cocaine from southeast Michigan to Lansing, according to evidence presented at trial.

In June 2022, McNoriell used a female drug courier driving a different car and followed her in his car to deliver the cocaine. Investigators with the Drug Enforcement Administration Michigan State Police troopers anticipated the delivery and seized the two kilograms of cocaine from the courier’s car.

“These illegal substances destroy lives and devastate communities,” said U.S. Attorney Mark Totten. “We will never prosecute our way out of this problem, but we will continue our work to dismantle the regional-level supply lines that distribute drugs across Michigan.”

McNoriell will be sentenced Aug. 7.