Children encouraged to develop healthy habits during American Heart Month

ISHPEMING — February is American Heart Month. We may have just celebrated Valentine’s Day, but this entire month is dedicated to focusing on physical heart health.

All month long, medical professionals and organizations are raising awareness about health issues like heart disease.

According to Jacqueline Love at the Hematite Health Clinic in Ishpeming, 1 in 4 Americans dies of a cardiovascular disease. She says that the best way to stop so many heart–related deaths from occurring is to start practicing healthy habits during childhood.

“Prevention of heart disease often starts with childhood,” said Jacqueline Love, a public health nurse at the Hematite Health Clinic. “The things that we see and risk factors like obesity, smoking, blood pressure, and high blood sugar often have a basis in childhood. So if we can focus on preventions like becoming more active, eating a balanced diet, and things like that, then we can set kids up to be healthier adults.”

Developing good habits like eating well and exercising regularly is the first step to ensuring a healthy heart into adulthood.

The Hematite Health Clinic offers BMI screenings, nutritional and activity counseling, and other services to promote heart health among local youth throughout the year.