Recognizing school board members during month of January

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming Public School District is taking some time this month to recognize members of the community.

These individuals of the community are members of the School Board for the Ishpeming Public School District and have dedicated their time to public education. The school board members help develop policies and make tough decisions that assist in shaping the future of the education system in the district.

“Those seven members attend a monthly board meeting, plus various other committee meetings,” said Carrie Meyer, Superintendent for Ishpeming Public School District. “It is quite demanding and sometimes people spend a lot of time away from families and or work to satisfy the commitment of being a board member. So it is important that we recognize the time that they serve for the district.”

The names of the members: Mrs. Gwen Bruhnke, Mr. Timothy Hares, Mr. Darin Hooper, Mr. Scott Lyman, Mr. Robert Nadeau, Mrs. Tina Romback, and Mr. Joseph Routhier.

School board members have a term limit of 6 years and are advocates for student achievement, academic programs, district funding and school facilities.