Big Brothers Big Sisters encourages Marquette County to volunteer during National Mentoring Month

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Most New Year’s Resolutions involve self-improvement, such as losing weight, eating healthier, or saving money. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Marquette and Alger Counties has the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to have an impact on someone else’s life this year.

January is National Mentoring Month. During this month each year, people across the country find ways they can volunteer and be a part of the life of someone younger than them. Big Brothers Big Sisters accomplishes that mission all year long, but they are especially encouraging people to look into mentoring this month.

Mentors can have a life-changing impact on a child, and the effects of a mentorship can stick with a child well into adulthood.

“Being a volunteer in Big Brothers Big Sisters, you are in a mentoring relationship with a local child, and you’re helping them grow up to be confident, competent, and caring,” said Jayne Letts, Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Marquette and Alger Counties. “Kids matched in Big Brothers Big Sisters’ grades improve, their relationships improve with their family and friends, and they have more hope for the future.”

Being a mentor to a local child is easy, fun, and rewarding. It allows the big to pour themselves into someone else, and it gives the little someone to look up to and have fun with.

“Mentoring can truly make a difference in the life of a child,” said Letts. “It can change their lives for the better, it helps them to realize their potential and that they can do things that they thought they never could do. A lot of our bigs say they get just as much out of it as the littles that they’re matched with. It doesn’t take up a lot of time; we require four hours a month. We do have some group activities, such as cooking classes at the Marquette Food Co–op, that people can participate in as well with other bigs and littles. So it’s easy, and it’s fun too.”

To get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Marquette and Alger Counties this year, visit their website or Facebook page for more information.