Development of future plans for the Ore Dock

MARQUETTE — The Ore Dock BotEco Center is working on developing a special place on Marquette’s waterfront that achieves a sustainable balance of educational, recreational, and commercial uses.

Friends of Ore Dock BotEco Center is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit with an ambitious vision to transform the communities waterfront with the development and operation of the Ore Dock BotEco Center. The group’s main goals for this project include:  Ecological Education Facilities, Year–Round Indoor Botanical Gardens, Historical Preservation, as well as, Community Spaces. A benefit for the project is that it’s located at the heart of Marquette’s downtown.

“It is so much closer to downtown and other things,” said Gisele Duehring, Board President. “The walk ability from the ore dock to Mattson Lower Harbor Park, festivals, other shops and restaurants. It is even close to NMU and this really enhances this being the location for a community centers.”

For anyone interested in checking out the model for the project you can see it at the offices of travel Marquette. For more information about the group and or the project you can click here.