Safety tips for homes in the winter

MARQUETTE — Winter months are here, which, means protocols to keep your safe from fires should taken. 

Many house fires start because of the lack of knowledge on what exactly to do to keep areas in your home safe. Fire Departments are trying their best to make sure people are informed on up to date tips to prevent these situations.

“Make sure you have a good amount of clearances around your heating appliances whether its fire stoves, fire places, wood stoves, or space heater,” said Mike Gregorich, a Marquette Township Fire Fighter and EMT. ” Three foot clearance is what you want. (Make sure that on) Each floor of your house has carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  Make sure they’re tested monthly and make sure they’re all working properly. Consult your local Fire Department as some of them have the opportunity to give them to individuals through grants and different types. They can provide them and also install them.”

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