Cremation rates rise in Michigan

Calumet–People are always looking to save money, but are more Michiganders cutting back on funeral costs? The numbers say yes.

It’s been described as the last nice thing you can do for your loved one, burial. According to the stats more Americans and Michiganders are going the cheaper route.

Cremation is now the way to go, dominating 59 percent of all Michigan burials as of 2017. Here at Erickson Crowley Peterson funeral home in Calumet, they offer the widest area selection of earns. You can get your favorite team or maybe just an urn customized to your style. The owners say its about savings.

Joel Keranen works at Erickson Crowley and says, “You know I tell families it’ll range anywhere from twenty-five hundred dollars to five, six thousand dollars depending on whether you purchase an urn.”

That’s basically half the cost of a traditional funeral. Here you can even buy cremation jewelry, just in case you want to carry your loved one around your neck eternally.

It’s the same at Antila funeral home in Hancock. The owner offers modest cremations and urns starting at thirty-three hundred dollars. Still a deal.

Both directors attribute the cremation boom to cheaper costs and less stigma surrounding the practice. Whatever your choice, they recommend planning ahead.