Local author, filmmaker returns home to give talks at film festival

MARQUETTE — The Fresh Coast Film Festival featured many films over the weekend. However, the eventful weekend featured much more.

Marquette–born filmmaker and author Susan Purvis returned to her hometown on Saturday, to give a presentation on her bestselling memoir, Go Find,  and how it can help people who are lost in any aspect in life.

“What I discovered while writing my book is that I was as lost as anybody I’ve ever found,” said Susan Purvis. “So my job now is to not  let people get lost in the first place. You can get lost in the woods, you can get lost in life, in a business, in a marriage, in your health or addictions. So as I go through life now, I try and help people not get as buried as I did.”

Her bestselling memoir chronicles her journey as a search and rescue specialist and geologist in Latin America, and how her time in both helped her find herself.

Purvis also held an informational session for children earlier in the weekend, teaching them what to do when they get lost, and how to get found by rescuers.

For more information on her memoir Go Find and more of Susan Purvis’ work, visit her website here.