MARESA Community Playgroup Partnerships strengthen families with young children

MARQUETTE — The Marquette – Alger Regional Educational Service Agency has created a unique partnership in the community that benefits families with young children.

MARESA has partnerships that support community playgroups that have enhanced community involvement. MARESA special education service center has provided fiscal support and personnel for 5 playgroups in Marquette and Alger counties.

Additionally, Early Head Start has become a valued partner by providing additional personnel at multiple sites.The playgroups have also allowed parents and children to benefit through socializing and networking.

“A huge strategy and something that we have really have as a key interest for the Marquette and Alger RESA is community partnerships, as well as, building strong families and networks of support,” explained Tammy Nyen, Associate Superintendent and Director of Special Education through MARESA. “So not only do we have community action, early head start, we have families that can integrate and network with each other and learn from each other.”

Many different partnerships have helped strengthen these programs due to the decrease of funding over the years.

Most community playgroups had been funded through the Great Start Collaborative grant (32P) and special education funds, unfortunately these revenues have declined over time. Just last week the grant funds for playgroups have been reduced by about $21,000 since 2018.

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