MARQUETTE — Dancing with the Stars is a popular TV show, and today, it came to Marquette. Well, sort of.



The 7th annual Dancing with our Stars event featured 8 couples, competing for a trophy and bragging rights, while raising money for a great cause along the way.

“Every year people ask when we approach them about being a dancer, ‘Why me? We’re not stars,'” said Lindsay Hemmila, one of the event coordinators. “So we’ve always said ‘anyone who’s willing to dedicate 3 months of their time for hospice is a star in our eyes.’ Same thing with these 16 individuals, these 8 couples that are here tonight. They’ve given their heart and soul to learn these beautiful and amazing dances.”

Couples trained under dance coaches for 3 months for the competition.

100% of the proceeds from ticket sales go towards the UP Hospice Foundation, which assists families with hospice supplies, equipment and services that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

The event is so popular that it was decided to have it two nights in a row, just to fulfill community demand.

The competitors included Alex and Liz Kofsky, Brian and Candi Kjellin, Erick and Breck Brooks, Lee and Adrian Francisco, Chris Owsley and Shawn Beckman, Wayne Johnsons and Kali Berry, Luke and Daniele Miljour, and David and Jackie Martin.

The 2019 winners are Luke and Daniele Miljour.