Students marching towards the future

KINGSFORD — It’s that time of the year where the high school seniors will be making their way on to the next chapter of their lives.



In Kingsford they do something a little different than some schools and it involves a march around Woodland Elementary. This gave the seniors a chance to reminisce their time at the elementary, but to also inspire the next generation.

“We were in that spot one day a long time ago,” said Valerie Caylor, Kingsford High School Senior. “Seeing how little the kids were and just thinking wow we have made it this far as a class. We gave them all high fives and it’s pretty cool because that was us. We were in that spot and now we are here.”

Now that these seniors are on their way to their future careers and or education pathways they do leave the next generations with some advice.

“I would just say to work hard, stay with it and stay the course,” explained Reid Harry, Kingsford High School Senior. “Do well in academics and get involved with everything in the community. There is a lot of great sports, clubs and you know we are a community and a small town.”

Congratulations to the Kingsford High School Seniors and all the seniors that are graduating across the Upper Peninsula.