MARQUETTE — The Women’s Center in Marquette kicked off their 4th annual 100 Good Men Campaign on May 14th.

This campaign is a fundraiser where people simply donate $100 toward the Women’s Center and they are recognized at the wrap–up event once the campaign ends.

Each year, the fundraiser brings in around $20,000 and proceeds go directly to the Women’s Center and all the people they help.

“So it’s kind of a no brainer, but it really brings men together on a social media platform to say, ‘yeah, I stand up against domestic violence and sexual assault.’ Because of our name the Women’s Center, many people think we only serve women, but that’s not true; we serve men as well” said Women’s Center Executive Director, Beth Casady.

Men are part of the solution to combating domestic violence and sexual assault. The campaign is going on now and will end on June 16th.

Donations can be done online or in person, more information is available on the Women’s Center website or the 100 Good Men MQT Facebook Page.