New millage proposal for Gwinn Schools set for August 6th ballot

GWINN — The Gwinn Area Community School Board held a special meeting earlier tonight, to discuss a crucial issue.

Last week, a sinking fund millage proposal was voted down for Gwinn schools, so now they must find other ways to address their critical needs.

“I would like to remind the voters that it’s been 24 years since we’ve had the support of the Air Force here,” said Sandy Petrovich, superintendent for Gwinn schools. “Once that support was gone, we tried to meet the needs for our district, as far as infrastructure- repair replace and upgrade. But those needs now have overwhelmed the amount of funds available for those needs.”

The board unanimously passed a motion to put another vote for a millage on the August 6th ballot.

The ballot proposes a millage of 1.75 mills for 10 years, which fell short 180 votes to pass.

The board credits partial blame of the failed proposal on lack of voter turnout, along with the community not fully understanding the proposal and needs.

You can find more info for the proposal here —¬†