MARQUETTE–  Spread Goodness Day was the brain child of Anna Dravland and has now become a very large event that reaches past Marquette Michigan.

The day is all about being kind and offering a little extra good in your everyday routine.

This can include by doing a simple action that can brighten some ones day and it’s not just members of the community that can offer these actions.

“The power to change the world every single day with simple actions and as a business you have the power to make different decisions every day,” explained Organizer for Spread Goodness Day, Anna Dravland. “You can bring a little extra goodness into your staff, your customers and yourself. It really is just about acknowledging the good things you can do every day and make every single day more awesome and make the world a better place.”

One of the many local businesses in the Marquette County is participating in the event in a special way.

“We are actually donating up to 100 bags for every $50 order that we have and are encouraging customers to purchase as well to continue to help,” said Liquor Manager at Super One Foods, Sarah Kratz. “We are hoping to match our donations, so hopefully 200 bags plus all around today.”

These businesses are stepping up to really make a difference in the community and its helps when the community stands together to produce a better outcome for such a special day like today.

“I think we have an ability to reach a larger audience,” explained Kratz. “I do think that it is important for corporations and businesses to get in on things that we have the ability to donate more then someone at a personal level. When we all come together it turns out to be a really great donation period for all of us.”

Even if it is small or large these businesses want to give back to strengthen the community and play an important role in the society of Marquette County.

“It the City of Marquette and Marquette County businesses really do appreciate the local people and the people who are coming through their doors to support their businesses,” said Travel Marquette Executive Director, Susan Estler. “So being able to do something small and give back to the community I think is just the core essence of Marquette.”

It’s also not just businesses that this day can be directed towards; many other groups, organizations and people are participating and spreading as much goodness as they can.

“This isn’t just for businesses,” added Dravland. “There are schools that are participating, kids, pre–schools, high schools and even the college is involved. This is really something for everybody because it really is all about the little things as well as the big things. So I would just say that I want to make sure people understand that this is about everybody. No matter where you are from and no matter what you want to do and no matter whom you want to spread goodness too.”