Lighthouse Park project discussion postponed till February

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Planning commission has postponed any further discussion about the Lighthouse Park project that they have been working on for some time now.

The Marquette Planning commission decided with a vote this past Tuesday that they will postpone the discussion until February’s meeting to talk about further plans.

This was due to miscommunication involving a Coastal Zone Management Water Trail Access grant that was rejected. With not enough information the planning commission decided to reconvene on the project during the meeting agenda set on February 5th 2019.

None the less Mayor Storehouse believes that this project will succeed and give another beautiful spot for Marquette citizens and others to enjoy.

“Any project like this that involves a lot of moving pieces always develops some friction along the way,” said Marquette City Mayor, Fredrick Stonehouse. “There are also problems that you have to overcome, and certainly this is simply one of them in producing this magnificent park for the citizens of Marquette.”

The plans for the property surrounding Marquette’s lighthouse on Lake Superior include reconstructing the multi-use path which currently runs along the shore. They will also be eliminating the old Coast Guard Road and extending Arch Street toward the property.

The city has $1 million designated for the project and it is in its final year where they can use it for the project.