Local schools teaching financial literacy to kids

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Local schools have been utilizing a new financial literacy program in their classrooms, to better educate kids on how to manage money.

‘Banzai’ is a free resource available to 29 schools in Marquette County, thanks to TruNorth Federal Credit Union. The software online features real-life simulations to illustrate the concepts in a fun and meaningful way to them. From problem-solving, to budgeting and spending, the program prepares them for successful futures.

“A lot of teachers like it – they can kind of step back and just help the kids with it,” said Account Specialist at TruNorth Federal Credit Union, Maria Denofre. “It pushes the kids through the program on its own, so they don’t have to get a curriculum set up, because the program does all of that for them.”

For more information on Banzai, you can CLICK HERE.