NMU included in capital outlay bill headed for Governor Snyder’s desk

MARQUETTE — Some exciting news hit the College of Technology and Occupational Sciences at Northern Michigan University this morning.

NMU was notified that their capital outlay proposal for the 28.6 million dollars worth of renovations for the Jacobetti Complex; passed the house in the senate and was moving to the governor for signature this morning.

The Jacobetti Complex was built back in 1979 and has not been renovated since.

The current design of the building is not set up for programs the College of Technology and Occupational Sciences offer.

They are excited about the prospects of being able to either renovate the building.

“What we are intending to do is to build a very modern facility that jumps ahead in terms of the pedagogy and instructional design, so were positioned well into the future for instructional spaces and learning spaces that are much different than we have today,” said Robert Eslinger, Interim Dean of College of Technology and Occupational Sciences.

Northern Michigan University is most appreciative to the entire legislatures who spoke on NMU’s behalf and the work they put in.