Athletes training for the Olympic Games

MARQUETTE —¬†Athletes from the US Army’s World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) and other top U.S. wrestlers are visiting Northern Michigan University for a training camp.



The camp goes from December 17th through the 21st and will be held at the Olympic training site located at the superior dome.

The WCAP allows top-ranked athletes to perform at the international level while still allowing them to serve their nation in the military.

Athletes train and compete throughout the year and aim for the Olympic Games. While some of these athletes are happy to have started their career right here at NMU.

“Take advantage of the opportunities,” said Former NMU Olympic Athlete, and Spenser Mango. “This is an excellent opportunity to go to school and to be able to train for your dream. So take advantage of everyday so make the most of it; and I was able to make to Olympic teams from it so I am forever grateful.”

For more information on Northern Michigan Universities Olympic Training Site you can click here.