NCLL travels to the famous Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY, WI — Over the weekend the Northern Center for Lifelong learning traveled to Green Bay to learn more about the famous Lambeau Field and its team the Green Bay Packers.

ABC 10 is here today with the Northern Center for Lifelong Learning and we are learning all about the Green Bay Packers, as well as, visiting the famous Lambeau Field.
The NCLL works with primarily actively engaged seniors interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities.

So the coordinators thought it would be a great idea to head outside of Marquette for the holiday season and check out some unique locations in the state of Wisconsin.

“We were brainstorming to try and figure out some neat out of town motor coach tours and this happened to be one of them,” said President of Northern Center for Lifelong Learning, Paula McCormick. “So we thought this would be a really neat holiday excursion for the season.”

The group was able to set up a tour of Lambeau field and got to see most of the moving parts of an NFL stadium. They even learned about the inner workings of what all goes into an NFL game.

“Oh it was great we just go done with a tour of Lambeau Field,” said McCormick. “We went through the visiting teams locker room, out onto the field, in the press box, private suites, at the top and bottom and eve ran through the tunnel that the Packers run through and it is just really exciting.”

After the tour the group got a chance to look at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. While the group was at the hall of fame they learned that the team was founded by Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun.

Curly Lambeau solicited funds for uniforms from his employer, the Indian Packing Company, where he was given only $500 to buy equipment and uniforms for the team. Later in the future the team would hit financial trouble which then the Green Bay Football Corporation was founded as the Green Bay Packers incorporated.

The Packers became a publicly-owned football team run by a Board of Directors elected each year. The team went on to win six NFL championships from 1929 to 1944. The NCLL even learned a great deal of history about the packers that hit close to home.

For example in 1919, the Packers had their first official competitive season of football with a 10-1 record. One of the wins actually took place in Ishpeming, Michigan and the score was 33-0 at the end.

To commemorate the 100th season, the packers recently opened a new display in the Packers Hall of Fame dedicated to the original team, the Indian Packing squad of 1919.

To watch more of the group’s trip to Titletown and the Green Bay Botanical Garden of Lights Tour and to learn more about the group you can click here and watch the trip below.